Andrew Nielsen - Atlantic Farm Focus
Local Farmer and Caldwell Roach Insurance Broker Andrew Nielsen was recently profiled in Atlantic Farm Focus.
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What does sixty years of experience mean for you?
Our Business Insurance Team has more than 60 years of accumulated skills and experience to serve the needs of Nova Scotian businesses.
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A Renewed Focus on Agri-business
Caldwell Roach has been providing insurance solutions for Agri-business operations for more than 50 years. Steve Roach and Brianna Sinclair are two of our key brokers who are helping operators get the coverage they need.
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A Conversation Can Make a Difference with Business Coverage
Commercial Insurance with Greg Roach
When you own a business, time is a premium. But investing some of your time in a conversation with your insurance broker could ensure that your business is fully protected, and benefit you in the long run.
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Insurance to Value
Commercial Insurance with Matthew Robblee CAIB, CIP
Insuring Buildings to Value a Key Consideration for Business Owners. Being underinsured isn’t always a considered risk a business-owner takes; in many cases, policy holders simply don’t understand their coverage.
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Insuring a Risky Business
Commercial Insurance with Andrew Raymakers, CAIB
When it comes to insurance, all businesses are not created equal. Some businesses carry more risk than others, which can make the process difficult when it's time to find insurance.
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