Bi-Law Protection

Over the years Bi-Laws have changed several times and can be different for every city and town. Some homes were built when certain bi-laws were in effect but have changed since that time. Did you know that if something were to happen to your home that would cause a rebuild/major repair the new bi-laws would be in effect? For instance, in most cities basement walls must be insulated according to a bi-law. If you had an older home that had to be rebuilt due to a claim the bi-laws for the present time would have to be followed, even if the home did not have insulated walls prior to the claim.

The purpose of insurance is to “put a person back into the same position as they were prior to a claim”. This means that new bi-laws that would change certain elements of a home today may not be covered under your policy and you may have to pay out of pocket to bring the home up to the current standard. Contact us to learn more about Bi-Law protection and what your insurance company has to offer to ensure this doesn’t happen to you!

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