Sewer Backup

No one likes to think of the damage that water in their basement caused by a sewer backup can cause, the cost of the repair can easily amount to thousands of dollars. The majority of home insurance companies do not offer sewer backup as an included coverage however, in most cases it can be purchased as an “add-on” coverage.

It’s not just homeowners that can be affected by sewer backups. Rented homes and Townhouse style condos are just as susceptible to sewer backup damage. Multi-unit condos and apartment buildings can pose an additional risk as these types of units can be more susceptible to internal drainpipe blockages causing sewer backups in the unit with the blockage and in nearby units. A sewer backup causing damage to property you own would only be covered if you purchased the Sewer Backup coverage as an “add-on” to your tenant or condo insurance policy.

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