The Broker Advantage with Christine MacKellar

Christine MacKellar

"As a broker, every day is a new day. You will meet people of all walks of life. You will take joy in celebrating their firsts; you become vested in their lives. You are also there for them at their lows, reassuring them that everything will be ok…that is why we are here.”   

Caldwell Roach Insurance Broker Christine MacKellar is a knowledgeable and experienced broker who puts her clients first. She shares what it means to be a broker and how important her clients are: 

 “You develop relationships. You are the first person they call when the new car is purchased, or the new home. It’s so much more than a career, it’s being an integral part of the community.”

We couldn't agree more! Christine has put into words our core philosophy. Give Christine, or a member of our team a call to experience the advantages of working with an insurance broker. 

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