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How Telematics Can Save You Up To 25% on Auto Insurance
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A small device that plugs into your car's diagnostics could save you up to 25 per cent on your automobile insurance.

"We've been offering telematics devices for a few months," says Matthew Robblee with Caldwell Roach's Truro office, "This device collects data on your driving habits for six months and could garner you a discount of five to 25 per cent off of your premium."

The telematics device records information on three key driving habits: time of day, speed and braking.

"Driving between midnight and 5:00 a.m., as well as quick accelerations and hard braking, will be recorded," he explains, "But that information can't be used against you. Your rate will decrease with a positive report, but will not increase with a negative one. There is absolutely no potential for a negative impact."

After you let your broker know you want to take part, the telematics device is mailed to you by your insurer, along with simple instructions for installing it in your automobile yourself; "It's so easy, I can do it," Matt laughs.

You'll set up an online account and get a confirmation that the device is working within 24 hours. Then you'll get a report on your driving behaviour each month, complete with an update on your potential discount. At the end of six months, your discount will be calculated and applied to your policy.

"It's a great way to reward good drivers," he concludes, "If you drive responsibly, you benefit. It's really a win-win situation."

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