A Renewed Focus on Agri-business

With Steve Roach and Brianna Sinclair

Caldwell Roach has been serving the insurance needs of the Agri-business sector in Nova Scotia for more than 50 years. Our team of Agri-business insurance brokers have many years experience serving farming, food production and agri-business clients.

However, we recognized the growing need for specialized insurance brokers for the Agri-business industry sector. One of our key staff, Steve Roach, son of founder Ron Roach, has been focused on the needs of this area for more than 29 years. “Although, I truly started as young as four years old licking envelopes, and then mowing the lawns,” said Steve. Over time his role at Caldwell Roach evolved into working with commercial insurance customers, with a specialty in farming.

“There are so many farm operations in the area,” said Steve. “And the business is changing. There are lots of large operations, but now there are many new smaller operations popping up.” As the type of operations change, the products and services Caldwell Roach provides them have too.

We have partnered with a diverse selection of specialty insurers to develop tailored insurance solutions for all types of farming, food production and agri-business operations. “We always make sure that we do a comprehensive review with this group of clients each year,” Steve says. “This helps to ensure that our clients have the right coverage for their operation, and we can make adjustments should their needs have changed.”

Caldwell Roach recently added Brianna Sinclair to its staff of Agri-business insurance brokers. Brianna graduated in 2014 from the Dalhousie University Agriculture program offered through the Truro campus with an Agri-business major with a minor in environmental sciences. “This degree helped me understand agricultural practices in Nova Scotia and the risks involved with them,” says Brianna.

Brianna also has insurance experience from working in the claims department at a large insurer. In addition, Brianna grew up on her family’s dairy and sheep farm in the Goshen area of Nova Scotia. “I know first hand the challenges these farmers and operators face everyday,” she said.

If you would like more information about the products and services we provide to the Agri-business industry sector, please give Steve or Brianna a call at 1-888-511-0777.

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