COVID-19 Update

April 13, 2020

During the pandemic, insurers are providing assistance in many different ways. Among them, some are waiving fees for NSF payments, extending cancellation dates and deferring payments. Some are even providing discounts or maintaining last year's rates.

Amending your driving rating can help as well. If you commuted to work or school and are no longer doing this, and want us to amend your use, please let us know. While it will not make much difference if you were already commuting a short distance, those that previously commuted a long distance, or used their vehicles for work will see more savings.  Remember, once the pandemic ends though, and your vehicle use returns to normal, you MUST let us know so you are properly covered.

Due to an extremely high volume of requests, please send us an email to confirm the change in use and the vehicle it applies to. We will make the change within a few days.

email: info@caldwellroach.com

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