Find the Best Home Insurance

Home Insurance with Lindsey Graham, CAIB, BA

Caldwell Roach makes finding the best home insurance coverage quick and easy

You're used to budgeting, stretching your dollar and searching out the best prices for your daily purchases, like gas and groceries; but have you ever thought of shopping around for the best price on your home insurance?

"We've seen an increase in calls from people who are frustrated with their current provider," explains Lindsey Graham, CAIB, BA – Account Executive at Caldwell Roach. "They're doing everything right, they haven't filed any claims, but their premium is still increasing year after year."

People stay with their current company because they think it will be a hassle to change, but the process of switching insurance providers is actually quick and easy.

As a broker, Caldwell Roach is connected to a wide range of insurance providers, and clients benefit from the leverage that offers.

"In a short conversation we can gather all the information we need to provide an apples to apples quote," she explains, "We go to our markets with the same level of coverage you currently have, and see what they can do."

Beyond finding you the best price, your broker is also able to assess your current policy and make suggestions on improving your coverage.

And if more details are needed, such as measurements, exterior photos, or the completion of an oil tank or wood stove questionnaire, Caldwell Roach can offer to gather that information on your behalf.

"We can even draft the cancellation of your previous policy for you," Lindsay goes on, "We make the process as pain-free as possible for the client."

But not all cases are as simple as finding the best price.

"We also hear from people who are discouraged by cookie-cutter policies that don't allow for any special circumstances," she says, "but, we are able to accommodate them."

"For example, we were recently contacted by a client in the midst of buying a real fixer-upper of a home," Lindsay explains, "The house has 60 amp electrical service and others wouldn't even consider insuring her. She was beyond frustrated. And since the ability to insure the property is one of the conditions when buying a home, this was a huge roadblock."

Lindsay prepared the application and took it to a number of insurers - she found one willing to insure the home.

"There's really nothing we can't insure," she says, "Sometimes it takes a few extra calls, but Caldwell Roach can make it happen."