Helping Goes Beyond Insurance at Caldwell Roach

Community Involvement with Amanda Belanger

With over 50 years in business and roots in two communities, Caldwell Roach sees giving back as an important part of what they do.

"We live and work in Truro and Elmsdale," explains Amanda Belanger, an associate at the Elmsdale office, "Our communities support us, and it only makes sense for us to support them in return."

Caldwell Roach lends a hand to many organizations and events through sponsorship and donations, employee participation and volunteerism.

"Getting involved allows us to meet people we may not meet in the office, and learn about causes we may not be aware of. We get to know the needs of our community, and do what we can do to help open doors and open minds."

Earlier this year, Caldwell Roach's partners, employees and providers threw their support behind Truro's Coldest Night of the Year, a walk benefiting the Truro Homeless Outreach Society, and raised over $7000 for the cause.

"There was incredible support from the partners, and both offices got involved. It was an amazing experience and an amazing outcome," Amanda recalls, "The walk raised over $86,000, and those funds will make a real difference in our community."

You'll see Caldwell Roach's support at everything from hockey tournaments to awards ceremonies to fundraising events, like Coldest Night of the Year. And their commitment is often long-term, with plans for how to do more next year discussed the morning after.

"We're here to help people get back on their feet when unfortunate things happen," she concludes, "so it only makes sense that we're here to help the community as a whole when they need us."