Insurance Brokers Provide a Personal Experience

Personal Insurance with Ashley Bezanson

When shopping for insurance, you may think going directly to an insurance company makes the most sense. After all, an insurer provides insurance … and you need insurance.

But, choosing an insurance broker, like Caldwell Roach, gives you so much more.

Ashley Bezanson knows this first hand. After spending some time working for an insurer, Ashley joined Caldwell Roach’s Elmsdale office in 2015.

“From my point of view, it’s a completely different experience,” she explains, “Before working with Caldwell Roach, I didn’t even have the opportunity to meet my clients face-to-face; now I’m able to see them through the entire process, starting from their first phone call.”

An insurance broker provides you with a one-on-one, personalized approach, instead of a cookie-cutter call centre experience. “I’ll sit down with a client and take the time to learn about their individual situation and requirements,” says Ashley, “I get to know the client, and build a rapport, so they become so much more than a number on a form.”

Direct writers can have very strict guidelines, and if you don’t fit into those guidelines, they won’t insure you. By using an insurance broker instead, you have access to several insurance providers … and you have your broker ready to go to advocate for you.

“For instance, if your home insurance policy has been canceled due to non-payment, you could be looking at a loss of coverage for five years.” Ashley goes on, “No insurance company will insure you directly. But, I can work with our providers to find an option, and I will get you insured.”

For more straightforward policies, there is a benefit to having a broker to shop around on your behalf. “People assume that a broker will be more expensive, but we’re able to find a quote that works with your budget and, ultimately, saves you money.”

The biggest difference Ashley sees at Caldwell Roach, “I don’t have to say no to insuring a client. I work with them to achieve a common goal, and I can always find a way to help.”