Improving customer service through the Summer student work program at Caldwell Roach

The summer months are a busy time for Caldwell Roach Insurance. While there is an increase in the number of clients contacting us for insurance products and services, there are fewer staff to serve them because of summer vacations and time off. To deal with the influx of traffic, Greg Roach and his management team have created a brand new program designed to improve the customer experience.

“We recognized that our service level in the summer months was not where it needed to be,” said Greg Roach. “We knew we needed to improve the customer experience.”

The summer student work program provides a chance for first and second year university students taking business to gain valuable work experience in the insurance industry, as well as experience working in an office and in a professional environment.

“It’s hard for students to find relevant work experience related to their major,” said Greg. “The students will be immersed in our business and corporate culture. It’s a valuable experience. We hope to continue this program for business students in the future.”

This summer there are four students employed by Caldwell Roach Insurance. Two students are working in our Elmsdale location and two are based in our Truro office.  Before the students can serve our clients, they must complete their General Insurance exams. Once they are licensed, they will be able to handle customer inquiries and provide advice with the supervision of a senior employee.

“We hope to see an immediate positive impact in our service levels this summer,” said Rhonda Kelly, who is managing the student program at Caldwell Roach. “All four are eager and working hard to be ready for their exams.”

Kaitlynn Mullins – Kaitlynn just finished her second year of Business Administration at the University of New Brunswick. Her plan is to major in Accounting and she feels that the work she is doing at Caldwell Roach Insurance ties in well with her studies in Business.

Alex Roach – Going into his third year as a Business student at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Alex is looking forward to obtaining his General Insurance license so he can help his co-workers over the summer months to provide great service to our clients.

Kent Smith – Kent has just finished his first year as a student at St. Mary’s University in Halifax. Kent lives in the Nine Mile River area and is looking forward to working with Caldwell Roach clients who are from the surrounding area. Kent plans to major in Finance.

Isaac Upham – Isaac loves the positive work environment at Caldwell Roach and that the staff really like what they do. He is excited by the challenge of studying for his General Insurance exam and feels this work experience will benefit him as he goes into his second year of Business at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.

Our students will be writing their General Insurance exams in early June. Study hard and good luck!