Who is at fault in a parking lot collision?

Parking lot accidents occur all the time in lots around our region. “Insurance claims as a result of an accident in a parking lot are one of the most common claims we see at Caldwell Roach,” says Caldwell Roach Insurance Broker Shelly Avery. But the bigger question is, who is at fault when a collision occurs in a parking lot? Shelly says, “Insurance companies use a set of rules called fault determination to determine who is at fault, and that parking lots are also governed by a set of driving rules.”

Here are some of the most common parking lot accidents and who is normally held responsible;

1)    A car travelling in a parking lot on a main road or thoroughfare will have the right of way. That means that if a car entering the main road collides with a car driving on the main road, the car entering is usually to blame for the accident.

2)    If a car is backing out of a parking space, they must give way to oncoming traffic. If the car backing out collides with a car driving by, they are at fault.

3)    If a car going into, or leaving a parking spot hits another parked car, the moving car will be at fault.

4)    When two cars are backing out of parking spots at the same time, both cars will normally be deemed responsible for the collision.

5)    Many parking lots have traffic signs and drivers must obey all posted signs. If a driver does not obey the signs, they will most likely be responsible for any accident that could occur.

“Even though a parking lot is private property, if you have an accident in a parking lot you should treat just like any another accident,” says Shelly.

Here is the checklist of steps to take if you are in an accident;

1)    Check to see if anyone is injured.

2)    Call 911 if anyone requires medical attention.

3)    Exchange contact information and insurance information with the other driver, as well as, the contact information of any witnesses to the accident.

4)    Give us a call to let us know that an accident has occurred.

A parking lot accident could impact your driving record and potentially your insurance premiums. Shelly's advice, "Be sure to slow down and take care when driving or parking in a lot."

If you have questions about your insurance coverage or how an accident could affect your insurance, give Shelly or any one of our team of brokers a call at 1-888-511-0777.

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