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The Truth about Auto Insurance
Auto insurance. You know you have to have it, but how well do you understand it? Here we answer many of the questions we get from clients.
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The Truth about Home Insurance
Are you moving into a new home, apartment or condo? Here we answer your most common questions about home insurance.
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Spring Vehicle Maintenance Checklist
It’s Spring in Nova Scotia and many of our clients are getting ready to hit the trails on their ATVs. Leah Reeves, insurance broker in our Truro office, shares her Spring vehicle maintenance checklist.
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Fundraising Program highlighted in Hub Now
Caldwell Roach Insurance fundraising program raised $19,000 to purchase a surgical bladder scanner. A contribution that was meaningful to the community, staff and employees.
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The Weekly Press
Our employee health and wellness program with Strides Health & Fitness Club was recently profiled in the Weekly Press.
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The Truth about Travel Insurance
It’s Winter in Nova Scotia! That means many Nova Scotians are planning to travel outside of Canada and heading for warmer climates. Before you travel, we recommend purchasing travel insurance. 
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Meet Megan Graham
Megan is a Personal Account Manager in the Caldwell Roach Insurance Pictou Office. She recently moved into this position and is providing sales and service to our home and auto insurance clients in the Pictou and surrounding areas.
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Fall Fundraising Campaign: Matt's Story
You never know when you or a family member might need the services of the Colchester East Hants Health Centre. Having this new scanner on hand will help to ensure that patients will have high quality health care and a more positive patient experience.
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Fall Fundraising Campaign: Greg's Story
When we approached the Colchester East Hants Health Centre Foundation this Fall, they had a specific need within the hospital that we could help them fundraise for.
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In Need of Equipment
This Fall we are raising funds for the Colchester East Hants Health Centre Foundation. The hospital has the need for a Diagnostic Bladder Ultrasound. This piece of equipment holds significance for the team at Caldwell Roach.
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Now Serving Bob Cameron Insurance Inc. Clients
Proud to now be servicing Portage Mutual Clients in Pictou, Nova Scotia.
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Summer Travel Tips
Top summer travel tips with Caldwell Roach Insurance Broker, Breanna Macleod.
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Improving customer service through the Summer student work program
The summer student work program provides a chance for first and second year university students to gain valuable work experience.
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Water Damage Protection
Over the past year insurers have broadened their water damage protection to include overland water coverage.
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Making a difference
Shaunna Mowatt-Densmore joined the Truro team as a personal insurance broker in June 2016 and feels she has a positive impact on her clients. “It’s about making a difference in our clients’ lives,” said Shaunna. “We are helping them protect their most valuable items."
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The Coldest Night of the Year
Caldwell Roach Insurance provides support to many community-based organizations “When Amanda approached us about putting in a team, we were happy to support her and the Coldest Night of the Year event,” said Greg Roach.
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What does sixty years of experience mean for you?
Our Business Insurance Team has more than 60 years of accumulated skills and experience to serve the needs of Nova Scotian businesses.
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Escaping Winter
One of the benefits of working closely with an insurance broker is the advice they provide. Adelle Long provides counsel about home preparations.
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A Renewed Focus on Agri-business
Caldwell Roach has been providing insurance solutions for Agri-business operations for more than 50 years. Steve Roach and Brianna Sinclair are two of our key brokers who are helping operators get the coverage they need.
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Opening New Doors at the Pictou Office
General Insurance with Vicki Fultz
Vicki Fultz, an insurance broker at Caldwell Roach Insurance, now works out of our new office in Pictou on Faulkland Street with several other brokers including Tara Sullivan and Sean MacDonald.
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Common Auto Insurance Questions
Personal Insurance with Sarah Mullins
Auto insurance. You know you have to have it. But what do you need to make sure you are covered in the event of an accident or damage to your vehicle? Caldwell Roach Insurance makes purchasing auto insurance easy and stress-free.
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Love the Community You Live In
Community Involvement with Rhonda Kelly
With offices in Elmsdale, Truro and now Pictou, Caldwell Roach Insurance staff are working in these communities and the surrounding areas to continually improve the neighbourhoods they live in. Almost 40 Caldwell Roach employees are living and working throughout Nova Scotia.
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Do you know what's covered? Learn more about home policy exclusions
Home Insurance with Lindsey Graham
The recent wildfires in Fort McMurray may have lead you to wonder about your home insurance, and if you would be covered if you found yourself in a similar situation.
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Reward Your Responsible Driving: How Telematics Can Save You Up To 25% on Auto Insurance
Automobile Insurance with Matthew Robblee
A small device that plugs into your car's diagnostics could save you up to 25 per cent on your automobile insurance. We've been offering telematics devices for a few months, says Matthew Robblee with Caldwell Roach's Truro office, This device collects data on your driving habits for six months and could garner you a discount of five to 25 per cent off of your premium.
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Helping Goes Beyond Insurance at Caldwell Roach
Community Involvement with Amanda Belanger
With over 50 years in business and roots in two communities, Caldwell Roach sees giving back as an important part of what they do. "We live and work in Truro and Elmsdale," explains Amanda Belanger, an associate at the Elmsdale office, "Our communities support us, and it only makes sense for us to support them in return."
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Overland Water Coverage
Property Insurance with Rhonda Kelly CAIB, CIP
With a winter that's seen more rain than snow and spring on its way, overland water damage is a real concern for home owners. The introduction of overland water coverage for residential properties may help to ease some of those worries."
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A Conversation Can Make a Difference with Business Coverage
Commercial Insurance with Greg Roach
When you own a business, time is a premium. But investing some of your time in a conversation with your insurance broker could ensure that your business is fully protected, and benefit you in the long run.
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Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance with Andrea Higgins, CAIB
Your trip is booked. It’s time to escape the winter and soak in the sun on a beach for a week. You remembered to pack your bathing suit, sandals and sunscreen … but did you remember to get travel insurance?
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In-storage Insurance Protects Your Summer Ride
Automobile Insurance with Jordan White, CAIB
As the air gets chilly and the snow starts to fly, it's time to put your summer vehicle away until spring. But what’s the best way to make sure your vehicle is protected while it’s in storage?
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Insurance Brokers Provide a Personal Experience
Personal Insurance with Ashley Bezanson
When shopping for insurance, you may think going directly to an insurance company makes the most sense. After all, an insurer provides insurance … and you need insurance. But, choosing an insurance broker, like Caldwell Roach, gives you so much more.
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Insuring a Risky Business
Commercial Insurance with Andrew Raymakers, CAIB
When it comes to insurance, all businesses are not created equal. Some businesses carry more risk than others, which can make the process difficult when it's time to find insurance.
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Find the Best Home Insurance
Home Insurance with Lindsey Graham, CAIB, BA
Caldwell Roach makes finding the best home insurance coverage quick and easy. You're used to budgeting, stretching your dollar and searching out the best prices for your daily purchases, like gas and groceries; but have you ever thought of shopping around for the best price on your home insurance? Read the Full Article
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Insurance to Value
Commercial Insurance with Matthew Robblee CAIB, CIP
Insuring Buildings to Value a Key Consideration for Business Owners. Being underinsured isn’t always a considered risk a business-owner takes; in many cases, policy holders simply don’t understand their coverage.
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