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With a winter that's seen more rain than snow and spring on its way, overland water damage is a real concern for home owners. The introduction of overland water coverage for residential properties may help to ease some of those worries.

"Until just a few months ago, there was no coverage available for this sort of thing in Canada," explains Rhonda Kelly with Caldwell Roach's Elmsdale office, "Aviva is the first insurer to offer it, and we expect the other insurers we represent will follow suit in the near future."

Aviva defines the coverage as "protection for loss or damage related to water entering your property, from the sudden accumulation of water after heavy rains, spring run-off, or overflow of lakes and rivers."

For our current Aviva clients, it will be added automatically to most policies for a small annual fee. However, if it was not added automatically, it means your home did not qualify for the lower cost option. We need to look at these individual situations, as it may mean we require more information to obtain the cost for the coverage.

"We're being as proactive as possible and contacting customers we know may qualify" she goes on, "But if you have any concerns about how this extension could enhance your coverage, you should give us a call."

There are many factors that determine what you would pay or if you are eligible for the coverage.

"As an example, to qualify for overland water coverage you must live at least 100 metres away from a river or your property must be at least 10 metres above the waterline."

It's ultimately up to the home owner to decide if they want to add overland water coverage to their policy.

"If you're concerned about flooding, it's an investment in some peace of mind," Rhonda concludes, "And, like all insurance, it's great to have it when you need it."

Additional information courtesy of www.avivawaterprotection.ca.

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